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We have provide them transmission TEM stereo 50w transmitter use with TEM dual dipole Antenna, and RF cable. The antenna is mounted on 30M wire supported antenna. To save costing customer import it by them self. We provide them help installatin & set up corvarge. We also supply the audio interface card for on air studio.



This was SITC project in shama hills Bhopal. This project takes 4 month to complete. Customer provide us a one big hall, the work start form design the studio. In our guide line they fnished civil work & electric work. This project for to make state of art audio studio, 3 Camera Multi-setup with video shooting floor.

We have doen acosutic work in hole area, such as place marked for shooting floor and same floor will use for Aduio recording. Half the hall will marked for shooting and Light grid will fixed at roof. We use cool light with DMX controller and some warm light with electronic dimmer. The light controller will make in same hall to keep requried light at floor. We have keep provision for extra lights in future. We also make movable croma curtaion so that they can use croma curtain when requried. Floor is made with wodden tiles.

In conrtoll room table was equiped with audio & video Mixer.The audio production studio equipped with, BARDL audio mixer 16 mic/ direct out, 4 aux, 4 sub group out, One sound4 audio processor , Headphone Amplifier, Audio work station, patchbay, We use two rack one for videp one for audior, 8" Active audio monitor with stand, two LCD monitor and The production audio work station is having 4I/O card.

Three Video camera full HD multiSony camera set up with Video mixer & talk back unit and FCP for video production studio. We use three 42 inch LCD for live feed and palyback video. We use 4" Active Audio Speaker for Audio Monitor.

CTA will make in PCR for save costing. In networking and UBC cable use for extend monitor and keyboard. Hole setup is runing on UPS. Only video light are put on main..



This is SITC project of SVSS a NGO run by Madhya Pradesh government., we are doing here form Studio design and looking after civil work, acoustic work studio furniture. Studio is build up with one On Air room, one VOB room, one CTA, We are using here basic module Bardl audio Mixer with two main two sub out, 4 I/O card use here. To keep low price we are keeping audio active monitor on On Air studio table. For this we keep the size of studio table is big. One RJ mic and using dynamic microphone, The studio is connection are make like this same equipment is use for production. Provision for 6 microphones connected and two are keeping for standby with 10 outputs for Headphone for talkback. One CD player, Headphone amplifier, two Sony pen recorders for bring out door recording. We are using One Audio workstation and one workstation to manage all recording

Radio FM automation software with NCH Logger,.

For keep good transmission TEM stereo 50w transmitter use with TEM dual dipole Antenna, and RF cable. The antenna is mounted on 30M wire supported antenna.







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