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We are providing Live- Professional Audio & light Solution. We specialize in following fields:-

live- Pro Audio & light Industry

Live Sound Speaker & Amplifire
Pro Lights & Light Oprating Software
Laser & laser Oprating Software
LED Lights & DMX Controller
Light DMX Controller
Production audio Mixer
Conference Systems
Motorized Curtain Control System
DMX Dimmer &Patch Pannel
Auditorium Sound, lights,Curtain,Wings &Sound
Paging & PA Sound Equipments
TRUSS System
LED Pannel & Screen
TURN KEY Customize Solution


PLS :Manufuture ofpro sound & Pro Lights such as LED lights, Moving head, Par light. Light DMX controller, Stage Lights, Microphone Stands, Microphone, LED Dancing floor, LED Wall, Audio Amplifire. Speaker, Sound rainforcement, Cool Lights, Pole-oprate lights, Audio studio products, PA Amplifire, PA equipments,

CODEM MUSIC: Codem Music Srl has been in activity since 1987 starting with the DVR and NEXT brands for Audio and Light Professional device. Very soon we assumed an important place in electronic item for broadcasting and shows branch. Each item, has been improved in agreement with the major authority in the field, to create a complete ability and innovative range. The friendly and easy way to use it and, above all, the ability to satisfy the end-users are our point of strong. The planning, building, quality and entrusting of all our products are determinate by the exclusiveuse of Italian components. The firm is daily engaged and devolved to search and improve new ideas and technologies for a nowadays world who never stopped moving

BARDL :Bardl professional audio co. ltd was founded in 1994, It is a professional audio equipment manufacture which with own R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Bardl with 30000 square meter modern workshop, advanced assembling line,   complete precision test equipment. fetch in German SMT technology. Build in international standard Denmark B & K electroacoustic test anechoic chamber and different series R&D centre, bardl has many own product patent and perfect quality guarantee system. Bardl and own product passed successively the ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certificate. China compulsion product  3 C certificate. The European union RoHs standard and international CB, the European union CE&RETTE, America FCC, Korea EK, MIC etc

ARX: We hope you find it interesting and useful. Please let us know if there is any other information you need. We are very aware that you have a wide range of competing pro audio products to choose from, and naturally we would like to do everything possible to help you choose ARX.If we may, we'd like to point out a couple of things about ARX that you won't find in the technical specifications:
By far the most popular comments from ARX first time users are "It's so easy to install and set up!" and "It does exactly what it says it does!" and that's good, because we try and design things that way. To borrow a buzz phrase from the computer industry, the products are 'user-friendly'. We believe you shouldn't need a PhD to use any of our products, just a pair of ears and some commonsense.Secondly, because here at the factory we're all pro audio users as well as designers, a lot of our products are unique. When we started ARX, we did so because we couldn't buy a lot of the products we wanted to use, products that we felt would make the job easier for the professional installer and the person at the console.

PANGOLIN :Pangolin is a multi-national organization, having offices in the United States, Central Europe, and Mainland China. Thus, the sun never sets on Pangolin...

Pangolin has been providing software and related systems to the laser display industry since 1986, and has been providing software to the mobile messaging industry since 2002. Products developed and sold by Pangolin include:

  • Lasershow Designer 2000, the world leader in professional laser software. Systems include the award-winning QM2000 hardware.

  • Lasershow Designer QuickShow, the low-cost, easiest-to-use software for casual laser users as well as laser professionals. Systems include the award-winning Flashback 3 hardware.

  • Lasershow Converter MAX, the revolutionary plug-in for 3D Studio MAX.

  • Lasershow Converter FLASH, the revolutionary program that converts scenes created with Macromedia FLASH directly into laser animations.

  • Flashback 3, OEM and USB-based laser control system.

  • SMS Text Messaging systems for both laser and video applications (including interactive television and Virtual DJ).

  • Wide Angle Lens systems that provide a full 180 by 360 degree coverage for graphics and beam projection applications.

  • LASORB, the ESD protector for laser diodes.

Pangolin has been an active member of the International Laser Display Association since 1990, and a top-level sponsor of the annual ILDA Conference since 1995

ITC:ITC is a famous commercial audio system, public address amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturer in China. We established our assembly factory back up to 1993 in Guangzhou city of China. Now assembly lines had been expanded to 4 separate factories: electronic factory, speaker factory, hardware & wooden & mould factory and transformer factory.


Product ranges:

1) Public Address Mixer and Power Amplifier

2) Amplifier with Audio Source

3) Loudspeaker

4) Audio Source and Microphone

5) Public Address System

6) Digital Cyber-net PA System

7) EVAC System

8) IP PA System

9) Digital Conference System and Interpretation System

10) Pro Sound Amplifier and Speaker




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